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With more than two decades of experience bringing new babies into the world, board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, Robert Berg, MD, at Arcadia Ob/Gyn, provides high-quality individualized care to ensure you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Whether your pregnancy is uncomplicated or more difficult, you’re in good hands. To schedule a consultation, call the New York City office in Midtown Manhattan, New York today.

Pregnancy Q & A

When should I start pregnancy care?

Dr. Berg determines when you should start pregnancy care at Arcadia Ob/Gyn based on your health and pregnancy needs. However, in general, most women should schedule their first visit with Dr. Berg eight weeks after their last menstrual period. 

You may also consider a pre-pregnancy visit before you’re pregnant. During this visit, Dr. Berg reviews your medical and pregnancy history and performs a physical and pelvic exam. 

He also provides recommendations on what you can do to improve your health prior to conception, such as making changes to your diet and exercise routine, updating your vaccinations, and starting a prenatal multivitamin.  

What can I expect during pregnancy care?

Because no one pregnancy is like another, Dr. Berg provides individualized care for your pregnancy, taking into consideration your health, pregnancy history, and personal needs. 

Your first visit to Arcadia Ob/Gyn may be the longest. After confirming your pregnancy, Dr. Berg spends a lot of time reviewing your medical and family history, as well as your partner’s medical and family history. You can also expect:

  • Physical and pelvic exam
  • Blood and urine test
  • Check of your height and weight
  • Calculation of your due date

Dr. Berg reviews each stage of your pregnancy with you and what you may expect and answers all of your questions. He also reviews what you can do at home to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.

After your initial visit, Dr. Berg determines the frequency of your follow-up visits, which depend on the stage of your pregnancy and whether your pregnancy is high risk. For most women, pregnancy visits are:

  • Once a month up to week 28
  • Twice a month up to week 36
  • Weekly from week 36 until birth

Pregnancy care also involves deciding the best birthing option, as well as postpartum care to monitor your health after you’ve had the baby. Dr. Berg can even perform male infant circumcision.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Dr. Berg is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist who can expertly manage any pregnancy, including those considered high risk. Your pregnancy may be high risk if:

  • You’re carrying multiple babies
  • You’re a teen or over the age of 35
  • You have a chronic health condition, such as diabetes
  • You’re overweight or obese

It’s also possible for your pregnancy to become high risk during gestation. Whether your pregnancy is high risk at the start or develops later on, Dr. Berg provides competent ongoing care to ensure you and your baby stay healthy throughout.

For compassionate care during your pregnancy from a physician who puts your needs first, call Arcadia Ob/Gyn today or request an appointment online.



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